Sonic Inception

by Electro Jar

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released October 18, 2015

Jackie Rasmussen - Programming

Jacob Læby - Programming, Additional Instruments, Vocals

Cover - Jacob Læby



all rights reserved


Electro Jar Korsør, Denmark

Electro Jar is a duo consisting of Jackie Rasmusen (Programming, Vocals) and Jacob Læby (Programming, Additional Instruments, Vocals) that compose electronic music of the genre crossing, psychedelic and slightly experimental kind, though with focus on ambient sound qualities, to create soundscapes, and the more down-tempo/chill end of the musical spectrum.
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Track Name: Sonic Inception
A sonic inception
without exception
this song's a deception
a wicket intervention
a genius invention
that takes over your attention

A tune that will get you in your dreams

Noitnetta ruoy revo sekat taht
noitnevni suineg a
noitnevretni tekciw a
noitpeced a s'gnos siht
noitpecxe tuohtiw
noitpecni cinos a

A tune that will get you in your dreams
Track Name: Lost
Slowly making
my way through:
Wastelands, desserts,
I climb

Slowly reaching
out for her soul

Wastelands, desserts

I climb

I call her name
The Moon reply:
"The Sun is dead",
it cries

The light it shines
from million stars
and penetrate the dark:

A raft aground the endless night
a memory of love
to sooth this dry and barren land

So far from home and lost

Slowly making
my way home
Track Name: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Flapping, Flipping,
Dreaming, Falling,
Flipping, Flapping,
Feeling, Falling,
Fumbling, Mumbling:
Mingle, Mangled,
Clutter, Muddle,
Jumble, Shambles,
Hodgepoth, Hothpodge,
Potato, Tomato,
Litter, Stew,
Omnium Gatherum,
Demon, Diamond,
Seemen, Simon.

Odds and Ends!

A pile of bones
Clouds and mist emerging from a cave
Simple things entangled

One moon, one careless finger pointing
The mystery is calling:
No moon, no finger:

Nothing there at all.

Dreams leave us at dawn.